Can the Moon and Moon be? Why do not you see him?

Yes, technically this is possible, but why is not it seen in our solar system?

Can any moon have any moon? – Interrogation questions would have come in many heads! The answer is yes, it can not be anything impossible, at least. Now the question is why can not our solar system be seen like this? – If this is possible, then why not an example?

Let’s try to find this answer in this article!

Moon Moon
The first thing that we need to keep in mind is that the gravitational pull of all things in the Mahabhausha occurs. Whether it is a small asteroid, or giant stars, even in blackhole, there is gravitational tension. The stronger the gravity of any object, and the strength of its strength will be as strong. In other words, more mass = more gravity

Every object has a field where the effect of the gravitational pull of that object is very high, compared to any other major object, which is called Hill sphere. According to the size of our world, its eddy sprayer radius is 1.5 million kilometers. In simple Bengali, if any object attracts more than the Sun within this 1.5 kms, then it will be more attracted by the Earth. Because the earth’s gravitational tension is stronger in this area.

But outside the earth’s heels, there should be objects attracting more than the sun, and the sun will rotate around. If the earth was close to the Sun, then its heel area was small, If the earth was too far from the sun, then its high heel was bigger.

The sun has its own heel, which has completely shut the entire solar system in the sun’s system. Sun’s Hill area is really huge, its radius is about 2 light years. Now any big object in this heel has to be attracted to the sun. Every object located in this solar system, orbiting the sun, from one side to the other, the moon of sun

But the word “moon” or “satellite” is just for the moon’s moon. Now the question is, do the moon and the moon live?

Because …
The vast majority of the Moon is located near many of its immovable planets, which means that the moon’s heels are very small areas. If the example of our moon is considered this way, then the vast area of ​​the Moon radius is only 60 thousand kilometers, which is a sixth of the total distance of the Moon from Earth. The Hill area of ​​Jupiter moon Ayo is very small, Io’s high heeled shoes near Jupiter’s strong gravity is nothing.

Since most moons are very close to their immune system and their heel is very small, therefore it is very difficult to lock any gravitational object on a different object. But this is not technically impossible!

So what happened? Of course there is no moon and no moon, right? But this is not so easy, and for this reason no such example can be found on our solar system. Many of the moon are locked with their fixed planets. Tidal lock means that only one face of the moon is on the planet and can not be seen from a planet.

As a result, if a moon revolves around a closed object, its cell decay and the object will crash. Although this accident would take a lot of time, if there was any moon in our solar system, it would have crashed with that moon.

Another question was born here, why does not the moon crash into the planet? The difference is that the planets of our solar system are not locked from the sunlight. The planets are located at a safe distance from the sun, so they have stable orbital classes, because the high heels of the planet are quite large.

Since the article has given a clear answer to the main question, so it is important to increase writing and gain some benefits. I like to cover science topics, although I still have to learn a lot of things. Anyway, I will be very happy with a new topic, till then your comments will be waiting.

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