Global Warming: We Need Climate Change!

Global Warming: We Need Climate Change! Beginning with class 5 textbooks, this is getting major global warming. And what do you know about this global warming and how it is and how does it affect the lives of ordinary people like us? If you do not know today’s post is just for you. If you look at the various types of natural calamities, you will see that these (earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, flood etc.) cause great harm to our common people.

On the other hand, in the world, terrorist attacks, nuclear attacks, but all are centered at any country or place. Ever heard of earthquakes around the world? Or the whole world tsunami, or a global terrorist attack? But what we are going to talk about today is global warming.

The world is growing rapidly in the world, and it is called Global Woming in English. And this global woaming is not country-focused or location-focused; It is happening in the whole world. And if the world’s temperature increases, then the world’s climate will soon change in the near future, due to which many species will be completely destroyed by the chest of the world. And people in developing countries (like ours) will be difficult to live on.

What is global warming? (In simple words)
Suppose you live in the Alaska area of ​​America. This area is covered with snow and is very much in winter. And to save you from this winter, you set fire to a wooden box. The heat of the fire will keep you from the coolness of the environment and will give you relief. But once you feel that this temperature is not enough for you and your family.

You gave more wood cloves to increase fire. Event level increased But you have given so much hysteria or ignorance that now the temperature has increased in your house and it has become outside of tolerance. Then you will think that the fire is wrong. And then you will not be able to control this big fire. Global warming is similar to this event.

Global warming
People around the world do such things, due to which the heat of the world increases slightly every year. But this heat can not be seen in our eyes, because the amount of heat is increasing every year, but if you grow in this way, the heat will go in such a state that there will be no way to reduce the heat. . In the 1900s, the global temperature for global warming increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius. But at the end of the 21st century it was found that global warming for this global warming increased by 2 to 5 degrees Celsius.

There is a possibility of an increase of 2-3 degrees Celsius today, which is likely to increase by 75% and 50% to 5 degree Celsius. However, scientists have agreed that if this rate continues, global temperature will rise by 3 degrees Celsius at the end of this century.

Now you can think that this 3 or 5 degree temperature also increases? But if you look at one thing, you can see that it took 5000 years to increase the 5 degree temperature during the ice age or during the ice age. And now in just 100 years, we are increasing the earth’s temperature by 5 degrees. And once the temperature of the world is rising, it is very difficult to reduce and it is impossible to completely reduce it.

This means that global warming is a panic. Under the assumption that the auction will increase the temperature up to 3 degrees Celsius. Today, the highest average temperature of Bangladesh’s state reaches 38 degrees Celsius. Now, going to 3000 or 3010, this temperature will go to Bangladesh (38 + 3) at 41 ° C. At 38 degrees temperature can not be settled for the summer, and if you become 41 degrees, you can think what will happen.

What is the reason for global warming?
Global warming is blamed as the cause of the greenhouse effect. It is easy to produce greenhouse because the green house maintains its temperature inside the house and the temperature of the house is quite hot. For example, rice cooker, like rice cooker, stack cooker, rice is cooked faster than rice. This greenhouse effect can be divided into two parts. I’ll give them below:

(A) Natural Greenhouse Effect
The hope is that the greenhouse effect has got the original idea. The atmosphere of the world continues like this greenhouse. Take the world’s atmosphere as a big greenhouse, and you will be able to understand it. In this world, the environment keeps the temperature in different ways. Natural gas rates are high in the world environment, including methane and carbon dioxide. These natural gases cover the globe like glass. And when the sun’s light enters the earth through these gases, then the heat of the Earth keeps increasing.

Global warming
Because the temperature is rising, the Earth will release some of its hits in space. But sometimes the heat released in space can not enter the atmosphere, and due to acceleration, the heat returns to the Earth again. For this reason, the Earth revolves around its average level (33 ° C). This is called the natural greenhouse effect. And this natural greenhouse effect is a good thing. Because if this was not, then the temperature of the Earth would be very cold and people living here would be very difficult.

(B) Artificial greenhouse effect
Natural greenhouse effect is not a direct hand, but artificial greenhouse effect is for people only. Artificial greenhouse effect continued to grow gradually after the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. Prior to the use of the stream engine to burn coal, there was widespread use. And since then people started using more energy than other people. After the invention of the car engine in the mid-1900s, it started using gasoline to run it. And the camic hit coming out of the vehicle started heating up the Earth’s climate gradually.

Global warming
Electricity is also produced by burning coal, gas and oil in the power plants. These burning materials are called fossil fuels or fossil fuels. This fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide clouds in large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. And due to which the concentration of carbon dioxide in the world increases for years, and hence the temperature emitted from the earth on Earth becomes more and more; As a result, the temperature increases rapidly every year in the world. This is called artificial greenhouse effect.

Global Woming is getting worse day by day?
Yes at all Due to the amount of fossil fuel we are constantly burning, in the last 420,000 years, most of the carbon dioxide deposits in the Earth’s atmosphere. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere was 280 parts per million. And now its amount has increased to 380 parts per million. Now it is a matter of concern that in just 150 years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the world has increased so much that it is now worsening environmentalists.

Global warming
One study found that in the United States alone, every carbon produces 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Now 80 percent of all the energy we use comes from this fossil fuel. The US Energy Information Administration of 2017 said that between 2015 and 2040 global energy consumption will increase by 28%. Because countries like India and China are getting better and the level of use of fossil fuels is increasing day by day. The main thing is that the world’s temperature is increasing rapidly day by day; Which is worse than the previous century.

Is the climate change really going?
Weather or climate is called a weather-specific region. How much sunshine will reach in a particular region, how much rainfall, air humidity, etc. depends on the climate of this region. And in the book you may be reading that the climate change is fast, but this climate change is time-consuming.

But scientists believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere will be higher and the temperature of the Earth will increase as much; The climate of the world will change rapidly at the same speed. Until a few days ago, the level of winter had increased in Bangladesh and this year, the difference in temperature in Bangladesh has come to over 30 years. All of these are the consequences of climate change.

How can scientists call for future weather?
In general, research on what has happened in the past is an estimate of future conditions. For example, if you know that there is rains on every Friday for the past 5 years in your area, you can say that there is a possibility of rain even on Friday. You may be right in this case. In this way the weather is predicted by analyzing the previous data. But there are many complex issues in addition to the previous data analysis.
On the other hand, prediction of future on climate or long-term issues is more complicated. Take the help of scientific computers on climate change And this is not a normal computer, the world’s largest powerful computer called supercomputer; In supercomputers, scientists run a very large and complex program that is about the results of scientists in the past, and on metastatic calculations of weather. And in this way, after researching the results again from the computer, the scientists again make predictions about climate change.

Climate change effect
As the earth will remain warm, the sea will remain warm even at the same rate. but slowly. And if the water is hot then it also increases. And the height of the sea surface has increased for this summer. In addition, cold frozen ice is melting slowly and increasing the quantity of water, and if the earth gets hot, the frozen ice will also start melting rapidly.

If you live far away from the sea area, then it does not matter to you. But those regions or countries that are around the sea (such as Bangladesh, America, Florida or California, the Maldives of the Indian Ocean) will gradually be submerged under sea water. But this is a very slow process. Scientists are currently researching that sea water is growing at a rate of 3 centimeters (slightly more than 1 inch) every decade. However, by 2100 this rate can be increased from 10 cm (4 feet to 3 feet) to 1 meter.

Human impact on climate change
Human impact on climate change should be Humans also have an animal that we forget many times When the climate changes frequently, you are living in an area that will be different for a different day. For this reason, children and older people may be affected by various diseases due to this climate change. On the other hand, the amount of rain and storm will increase for climate change. Due to excessive rainfall, the crop of land can be nested. Again, due to excessive rainfall, floods can also occur. Scientists have warned in advance that 100 to 200 million people will be displaced due to the flood in the coming century.

Global warming
There are also other natural imbalances due to climate change. Like in one place in the world, food production will be easy, and it will be difficult to produce food from other lands. And the poorest people in the world’s poorest countries will be most affected for climate change. Due to the increase in temperature in those areas where the temperature is high where mosquito infection can increase, mosquitoes can breed more in warmer climates. By 2100, scientists predicted that 2/3 percent of the world’s people would be at risk due to malaria. Currently, which is 45%.

Our work to stop global warming
The easiest answer to this question is to reduce stress on climate change. We need to reduce global warming, it is never possible to completely stop global warming. However, we should produce as much carbon dioxide emissions as possible, and that means the honest use of natural energy. In the same way, advanced scientists have been working for a long time, how to do the same work without the use of natural energy.

Global warming
We can easily reduce the amount of production of your personal carbon dioxide. We can use electricity saving lights, such as creating heat and not using high voltage power. Without using private cars, we can practice bus, bicycle or walking. Suppose you have more than 40 private cars If you go out of buses by 40 buses every day, then you can smoke 40 cars every day. The smoke of the bus will definitely be less than 40 of your personal vehicle’s smoke. I hope to understand this issue.

Without the need for AC, we can open the windows without using natural air, and then use more electric cars than oil, gas. In this way, we can reduce our global warming by looking at our individual points.

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