They were mysterious places where science could not explain! Mysterious

Through the various discoveries of science, we have found that today’s world is what we call our planet and our own privacy. In the great advancement of science, we can think for a long time, we can know the meaning of everything, but there are still many objectionable subjects which science can not understand yet. Today I will tell those mysterious places where science can not interpret!

Skeleton Lake: Skeleton Lake

The skeleton lake is hidden within the name of a mystery; The name of the lake or lake is why the skeleton lake or the skeleton lake! The local name of this lake of skeleton is Parakunda; It is located in the Himalayas in northern part of Uttarakhand. For the visitors of Himalaya, Lake Skel Lake or Skeleton Lake is an attraction; Because when the clear ice cover of the Himalayas is deposited in the lake, many human skeletons are found under the lake.

It was first discovered in 1942; And the skeleton that has been studied has found that they were over a hundred years old. What is the real secret in the real sense of this human skeleton in the lake, which is 5000 meters above sea level, and why their skeleton is in this lake for hundreds of years, this is a great mystery and science has not been clarified yet.

Hesden Light

Light from unknown sources; The mysterious affair of white, red, yellow, or whole sky happened in Norway’s skyline. And it is known as Hesden Lane. How would you feel when the light of fire or light suddenly flows into the sky? Also, if there is more red, yellow light, then the light runs in the sky, then?

Such ghostly activity occurs in Norway’s sky, not only in the night but in the day. But this night’s sky is more mysterious than the day. However, scientists and researchers are still unable to detect the real cause of this Hesden Light. So it is also one of the most mysterious mysteries of science.

Devil’s ocean

All of you have heard the Bermuda triangle; In a similar way, there is another mysterious place on the sea called Devils Tra-Angle, which is called the Devil’s Sea or Satan’s Sea. It is a special area of ​​the Pacific Ocean around Mia Island, about 100 kilometers south of Tokyo city. It is considered as an unusual place for the sea. Like Bermuda Tri-Angle, there are many ships, small and big airplanes disappear; It is also called the Pacific Bermuda Triangle-Angle.

Everyone believes that such an event happens due to the existence of para-general. Because science is still not able to interpret it like Bermuda three-angle. And so Devils C can be called another Bermuda Tri-angle.

Lake michigan tri-angle

The mysterious subject of the Bermuda Tri-Angles is that there is no point in the fact that only the sea remains in the bracket. As it is another tri-angle to lift the mysteries of ships and aircraft accidents, and its name is ‘Lake Michigan Tri-angle’. Like the Bermuda Triangle-Angle and Devil’s Sea, this Lake Michigan tray-angle also has an odd reputation. The mystery about this lake Michigan began in 1891.

A businessman named Thomas Hume started a journey to Michigan to fetch wood with 7-8 sailors. But after an intense airflow in one night, Thomas Hume and his crew were completely lost with the ship. However, after a massive exploration, no piece of wood was found surprisingly; Stay away from Thomas Hume and his team!

Devil’s castle

American Judge C. R. One of the attractions of Magny State Park is a mysterious waterfall in this park; Which everybody calls ‘The Devil’s Kettle’ (Devils Kettle). But the real thing is that this waterfall has two sections, one on the right and one on the left. On its left side goes straight into the river flowing through the park; But its right side is in the middle of a mysterious hole, surrounded by a pavement stone.

And where the source of this huge water enters the unknown hole inside this stone, no one is able to find it, yet even after finding out it has not studied that the devil’s Kettle water is absolutely How is flowing and going into the source. Researchers have tested this hole in several ways to find out where its end is; But no real result was found. And this is why it is one of the most endangered mysteries of science.

Dancing forest

One of the most attractive forests in the world is mysterious place in Russia, ‘Dancing Forrest’; Originally it is a common pine forest. However, due to its special name, each of these forest trees has an odd shape. In this forest, the shape of a tree, heart, etc. is really amazing; And because of this, it is also one of the most unusual places in the world. Local people claim that due to various positive and negative energies such a strange situation of pine trees.

Some things remain obsolete, and perhaps for many reasons, science could not enter its mystery. Hope you like today’s article. Here are some places that have nothing to do with your experience; So if you know of any such secret, you must make a comment.

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