What happened if the moon suddenly disappears?

Our country is 3,84,000 kilometers away from the world, the constant companions of our environment are the natural satellites of our planet, the natural satellite is the moon; And for nearly 400 million years this moon is with us. There are many more universal planets in the universe, including many natural satellites, including the Solar System, but we have only one satellite called ‘Moon’. When we look at the night sky, we see many stars in general; And they all blown up in the air; And we all recognize this satellite as a symbol of beauty. In the fictitious sense, we take the moon to the height, but in reality we do not value this moon; And in fact, how important the moon is to us, it can only be understood when the moon is lost to us once.

When the moon was not 100 million years ago, then the earth just saturated the Sun. And then there was no such life in the world like the present, the world was a living planet. But a lone cosmic collision for us makes the moon; A planet similar to Mars, joins us with the Earth. By doing this, with that planet, some parts of our world revolve and the world crumbles. This was the moment when something terrible happened to make something beautiful. Then, due to the earth’s gravitational force, the particles gather together in the form of a planet 50 times smaller than the Earth, and which we call the moon. Before creating the Moon, there was no creature or animal in the earth. After the creation of the Moon, the life of the universe arises, and it is said that the Moon is very responsible for creating the suitable environment for creating the earth.

Since there is a great power over the oceans in a large part of the earth’s ecosystem, so if a cosmic magnetic world is called, then the moon will not be misunderstood. And there is a tidal wave in the center of the Earth’s orbit. So it can be said that the moon can be the cause of our destruction; If something like this happens The water in which the moon passes through the earth, its height is greater than the height of the water of another; In this way, the moon revolves around the surface of the earth so that the water of the sea can be helped. Thus, the sun is gravitational, the earth attracts the surface like the Moon, but it is much less than the Moon. Many would say that the sun is so big that its force will be less than the moon? Due to its distance, the distance between the Moon compared to the Moon is the main reason for attraction is more than 400 times
In the fictitious sense, we take the moon to the height, but in reality we do not value this moon; And in fact, how important the moon is to us, it can only be understood when the moon is lost to us once.

The condition of the tomb and the balance of the world will be devastating
What is going on in the article, if the eclipse motion of my previous world stops, then the tsunami has been read. Actually tsunami is a common natural disaster for the world. However, when the Moon revolves around the Earth, then the Moon and the Sun are on two on the Earth; The Moon itself has turned its position right there. With it, the earth’s peculiar motion works with the Sun to maintain the position of the Earth. When the moon is attracting sea water; Then the water of that place becomes very swollen. It can also be called opposite side or its anticipation. There the sun is attracting water with the help of a little gravitational attraction force; In it, the balance of water is fine on both sides.

But if there was no moon on one side? Then due to the attraction of the sun, it swept over adjacent water and was swept away in the population with huge waves of 250-300 feet. As a result, we could see the biggest and worst tsunami in history. And it is certain that lower countries such as Bangladesh could go under the sea due to this reason. Then there will be severe disasters of oceans. This means that the central ball of the earth will not be there, so that the balance of the earth will not be right. Because the Moon and the Sun’s gravitational force have sunk into the orbit of the Earth. However, this constant motion inside the earth did not work if the Moon did not exist. And the earth itself was roaming in its class.

There will be no menstrual cycle in the world

Now, such as rainy season, summer and even winter, it will not be permanent due to such inequalities of the earth. There will be no special time for any season. And if the temperature is 90 degrees then it will be at -50 degrees in the morning. This would mean that there would be too much cold and sometimes there would be no correct address for it. And from the last many articles in our space, you will know that this is exactly the same in Mars.

The primate will disappear
In such situation in the sea, heavy balance will be lost. However, many adaptations have to be made to adapt to the environment similar to the various ecosystems in the sea. And due to its deficiency many vulnerable species can not survive. Many marine animals rely only on the moon’s light at night; They will not be able to get their food anymore. Due to the unstable state of the earth, many other people, including humans, will be ineligible to survive very easily. But at that time, if such a situation could manipulate people or any organism, then they would be much stronger than the present time.

Now it is said, I am talking about that if the Moon is destroyed and the Moon will be destroyed, then is it possible to destroy the Moon now? The simple answer is yes. Chand is not only in Hollywood movies but it is possible to destroy and destroy it. And you would be surprised to know that America planned to destroy the Moon by using nuclear power, so that it can be tested whether it is possible to destroy the Earth. However, considering its horrific consequences, it was not implemented. Hope you like today’s article; If you like it, then your valuable opinion is definitely worth it.

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