What happened if the sun disappears suddenly?

The star that is formed with our beautiful solar system is named after its Sun. Our Solar System is the Solar System’s number three planet, our beautiful world. And that sun is in the form of our nearest star. But have you ever seen? What will happen if the sun disappears suddenly?

Sun is very important for the existence of all kinds of organisms and plants on the earth; Therefore, we can thank this very beautiful star for which our existence is still alive in the world. Radiation from the Sun on Earth, passing a level of light tolerance through the earth’s temperature. And as a result, we are able to keep all our biological activities from plant to plant very efficiently. So friends, let’s know if this sun disappears from us or disappears, then what will happen,

First of all, we do not know what happened:
Yes, we can not understand the fact that the sun disappeared; But this is only for a few moments. Sun is located 15 million kilometers (8 miles) away from us. Light mint here means that the light crosses the distance per minute. And due to which the sun disappeared, for 8 minutes we can not understand that there is no sun; If they see us in the world; But they can see dinosaurs behaving here; It will take 64 million years to go Earth, there is no visible sight of the planet due to the distance of 64 million light years from us. And from this we can understand that we can not know what happened in 8 minutes of losing the sun; Because, we still see the sun. Mahakarsana so that the ball is in the sun, the earth is also remained for 8 minutes. Therefore, the earth will rotate in orbit for about eight minutes for the orbiting the sun.

If the sun is lost
But then what will happen? Then the earth will start from its orbit and walk on a straight path; And maybe this is a big disaster for the world.

Disaster 1: Everything will be dark
There will be no other day on earth; there will be no such thing as light of day; Everything will be like the night. But that night is not the kind of night that is beautiful; It would be more awesome. Because nothing can be seen in the moon and the night will be more dark. We see the moon because the sun’s light is reflected on the earth and it comes in Chad. But if he is not the sun, can we see the existence of the moon with empty eyes? There will be no moon and sun in the sky; Those who can see what they see are the stars of the sky. The light of stars which we do not think right now; Then the light of that star would seem very much to me. And at the same time they will be the only light source for the world. In 2004, a scientist, Abdul Ahad calculated that our solar system was named Milkoyi; This solar system can take 103 grams of light from our outer outer moon to the moon; So if the Earth becomes like night, there will be no light, but it is not.

If the sun is lost
And because of the fate of the plant Karateya we can imagine that there will be serious effects on the ecosystem will be eliminated. The interesting thing is that if we consider the population of the world; Then we need 6,000,000,000,000 kilograms of oxygen in our year; Where our atmosphere will contain 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg of oxygen! Other than photosynthesis, there is no permanent vaccine. However, the excess of carbon dioxide can not feel like this; Because the temperature of the world is already very cold.

We can not see our neighbors
Like the moon, we can not see our neighbors. But after the sun disappears here, we will see those planets going right into their class. As soon as 30 minutes after sunset, Jupiter can be seen in its class. Because Jupiter is 30 light minutes away from the sun.

Disaster 2: Planetary collision can happen!
Due to the absence of the Sun, all solar systems will have no gravitational force on all the planets; And they will start going straight from any direction in any direction. And when the planets start moving in a direction at unusual speed, then collision with another planet is not unbelievable.

Catastrophe 3: The temperature will drop below freezing point
The whole world will soon become more cold Due to not being a temperature and heat source, the Earth’s climate will fall to 0 ° C / 32 ° F within a week; And to continue to fall further. As much as we have reservoirs, we can survive for three months, but then the situation will get worse, which can not be considered. Those who can not tolerate the cold will gradually become extinct; Or they need to seek life more deeply than the surface. Because as far as the center of the world is concerned, heat can be found; Because the center of the Earth is very hot.

If the sun is lost
The surface of the sea will become ice up to a few meters. But deep sea water will still remain liquid; Because we know that the center of the Earth is naturally warm. Consequently, they will not be affected by the loss of the sun’s organism like many microbes in the deep sea. A deep place like the Mariana Trench, where the sunlight does not reach; There will be no problem with the loss of various aquatic animals and plants in the sun, and they will avoid the dibi.

If the sun goes down, then all normal nature including our humanity will gradually be destroyed; Earth will then become a huge ice planet; Nevertheless, there are many organisms that sell microbes in the deepest places of the world. If there is no conflict with a planet, then the Earth will be in the orbit of another star after millions of years; And due to the heat, the earth will start melting again, and will return to its original form. Then these microns can be new creatures, which are now under the sea, because the first creature was created in the world.

However, the good thing is that in the next 4 to 5 billion years from now there is no danger of sun destruction. But with this article, you can make a little bit of an idea that if the sun does not happen then what can happen. Apart from this, if the sun is lost, then what can be done in the comments; In my opinion, the sunglasses business will be closed.

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